Monday, April 27, 2009

1st blog.. little about myself and my family.

Soo this is my first blog. My mom actually un-knowingly convinced me into creating one, Hopefully good will come from it. I see myself using it as a tool to express myself and sometimes even vent.

I enjoy reading others blogs and just realizing that there are other real people out there in the wolrd that do real everday things like myself and my mom. It sort of reassures ( dont know if i spelled that correctly) that its not always hollywood and perfection. There is just comfort in real people living real lives day to day and being able to share and talk about it.

I get so overwhemed with happiness when i see how excited my mom is to share her stories, ideas, and creations with all of you and myself.

She is better than she has ever been and im very happy for her and her new life.
It took a while but i know she is where she needs to be now. Love you mom.

As for myself im right where i need to be as well. My fiance and i have recently bought a house on lake livingston. Its perfect just like our little family. We have an 8 month old pitbull named Lexxxi Lou and she is an absolute terror...but mommy's little princess =].

My fiance, Beau just proposed on April 11, 2009. I must say it was a very sweet easter suprise. He has won my heart and is the only man that ever stood a chance. I have never met anyone who could keep up with my not even myself! But he is infact my gift from God. We are def two of a kind, male and female version of eachother... bonnie and clyde, whatever you want to call us.
We have a srtong passion for ink on paper and skin. lol.
Actually tonight my honey has a tattoo appointment to work on his right armsleeve. He has decided to go with a freshwater fishing theme, which is another passion of his. I enjoy it but am not a die hard fan of the Well i will def be updating soon. Thanks for stopping by!


Blogger Le Core Femme said...

Awwwe.. Thank you baby girl!

Yay! You finally joined the blogging world. :) See.. I told you its fun!

And there is my Lexxxi Lou.. Give her kisses from her grandma. :)

Great First Post!

Love you,
Momma bird

April 27, 2009 at 2:59 PM  

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